For Each Other

Our podcast series in telehealth is aimed to discuss on stigmas and stereotypes of special needs and as a tool to empower individuals, parents, families and society as a whole to stand together in fighting against it. 

Our speakers for podcasts are handpicked by our team based on referrals and are verified personal prior to going live on our site. Our podcasts are free and easily accessible. Join us in the venture to empower each other to be better beings!

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Parenting Tips: How to manage your kids' screen time during this pandemic?

In light of the current pandemic issue, most schools have shut down and tuning in to online learning. However, we still need to be mindful of screen time use and learn how to adopt a balanced approach. Tele-Empowered, in collaboration with Mindful Space has shared some tips for parents to learn and understand! Click play, listen & get empowered!