Rema Devi Pillai

Special Education Consultant

Rema herself is a mother of an Intellectually Disabled daughter who currently attends the MINDS Training Developmental Centre. Having a special needs daughter inspired her to do a career switch from being an Assistant Account to a Special Needs Educator. Going through the challenges as mother of a special needs child, it inspired her further to educate children and share her experiences with their parents. She is consummately passionate in providing a holistic education for children with special needs.

With the passion and desire to educate children and help parents, Rema started her journey by completing her Certificate in Special Education from the National Institute of Education and started her journey as a Special Needs Teacher at Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore (MINDS) in 1997.  While working as a teacher, Rema went on to complete her Bachelor's degree in Special Education from the Flinders University of South Australia. As she had a great interest in developing her skills, she went on to complete her Certificate in Education Studies (Autism Spectrum Disorder) from the University of Sydney and attained her Master of Education (Special Education) from Nanyang Technological University. She has also attained the Board Certification in Special Education from the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET).

Being a Special Needs Teacher for the past 22 years, Rema has taught the junior, senior and special level students with diverse needs. In addition to many other secondary duties, she has been a role model in the roles given and have always been passionate and compassionate towards teaching and more importantly towards her students under her charge.

She practices ASD procedures such as individual schedules - visual cue, format (top-down), length (half / full day), routine (check schedule), management (move cue card), physical structure - circle time, transition, work with teacher, work alone, rest / relax. She also carries out Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles with checkpoints to develop students to be purposeful and motivated learners.

Rema has prepared Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Transition Plan (ITP – above 15 years old) for each individual student and has further collaborated with school administrators, parents, and teachers in designing and implementing individualized education plans for the students. Being a Special Needs Teacher, she has prepared lessons, developed learning resources, assessed the learning needs of students, advised parents on interventions/strategies and parenting tips, and monitored students’ progress.

She has further generated and incorporated learning strategies for students with learning disabilities. She has also taught students to improve their behaviours by creating behavioural plans using the ABC framework and has assessed students’ abilities based on the results of assessments and used the data to track students’ academic progress. Rema has also conducted small group and individual classroom activities with students based on differentiated learning needs.

As a Special Needs Consultant, Rema’s focus and aim is to ensure that students are able to thrive and develop in an adaptable education atmosphere, develop to be better individuals when they grow up and to integrate well into the society.